Napoli (napoli) wrote,

У Лукоморья дуб зелёный... A green oak tree’s by a cove curving...

A green oak tree’s by a cove curving;
A gold chain on that oak is found,
And night and day a cat most learned
Walks by that chain, around, around,
When he walks right, sweet songs intoning,
When leftwards, tells a fairy tale.
Wonders are there, wood spirits roaming,
Mermaids from branches hang their tail,
On paths of which no one has knowledge
Of unseen beasts there lurk the spoors,
On chicken legs a little cottage
Stands without windows, without doors.
With visions wood and vale are yawning,
There waves come crashing at light’s dawning
Upon the sandy, empty beach,
And thirty knights in armor gorgeous
The clear sea one by one disgorges
With their sea-uncle them to teach.
And there a king's son, that way chancing,
Does a dread monarch captive seize,
There past the people, in clouds passing,
Right through the woods, right through the seas,
A wizard bears a knight with ease.
A princess there's in prison pining.
A brown wolf by her, faithfully lying ,
There Baba-Yaga's mortar dread
Itself, with her inside, does tread.
There Tsar Kashey on his gold moulders,
There Russian scents of Rus' give odors!
And there I've passed, and honey quaffed
And seen the oak by that cove curving,
Sat under it, and the cat learned
His fairy tales to me repassed.
I've one remembered, and this story
Through me now comes to light, world, glory.
Tags: простокрасиво, чужое творчество

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